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Being in love is one of the best feelings in the world. To preserve romance and intimacy you must see the best in your mate. As time goes on, you focus on your career; add children, bills, and you forget to work on the romance. Maintaining a positive relationship takes work. The simple things like kissing each other good bye or complimenting each other on a daily basis are small gestures to keep you connected. You have to learn to accept that your mate is not perfect and will make mistakes along the way. The secret is to appreciate each other’s talents and skills to make your relationship successful. All unions need work. Expecting it all to be effortless or that it ‘should’ always be perfect creates disappointment and unrealistic expectations.


Our Support team members will assist you in achieving your end goal, helping you find solutions to your problems. The in-home support allows you to be comfortable within your surroundings to make changes that best suits your needs and wants. Discreetyou.com provides discrete non-judgmental support services that are non-therapeutic but equally effective. 100% Confidential!

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With a membership plan you will receive access to inspirational videos and audio, exclusive videos on sexual health and question and answer videos.

Relationship Goals:

  • “Listen to your mate’s wants and needs”– Communication is the key to a successful relationship. Let us show you the right way to a healthy sex life. Contact us today!
  • “Jealousy is not love” -Make sure you don’t have a crush. Crushes are similar to obsessions and can lead to jealous behaviour. Contact us today!
  • “You must love yourself before you can love another” – Having respect for yourself causes you to properly assess who treats you right. Contact us today!
  • “Take time to compliment your mate today”  – compliments go along way. Treat your significant other to at least one a day. Contact us today!

Services Offered

  • Personal support
  • Sex support
  • Beauty services
  • Physical health support

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